American Playboy model Antje Utgaard took to Instagram over the weekend to reveal a sexy video. As one of Bang Energy’s elite athletes, she collaborated with the brand to promote one of their drinks. And in typical Antje fashion, she wasn’t shy about putting her body on full display for all her fans to see.

Antje rocked a white sports bra that exposed her sun-bronzed cleavage. The top barely contained her ample assets, and at times it seemed as if they would pop out of their tight confines. Antje paired the sports bra with black and green pants that clung to her booty and thighs. The 25-year-old babe’s rock-hard abs glistened as she promoted the drink.

The bikini model oozed sensuality as she pursed and pouted her lips for the camera. She highlighted her full lips with matte nude lipstick, swept some blush across her cheeks, and wore coats of dark mascara to accentuate her eyes. Antje styled her deep blond mane in a side part and allowed it to cascade down her shoulders and back. Her only visible accessory was a gold bangle that she wore on her right wrist.

The glamour model worked every angle as she enjoyed the drink, tugged on her bra straps, and stared into the distance. In the background, the sand and the blue horizon added to the beach vibe of the clip.

Enjoying the beautiful sunset with my @BangEnergy drink in hand! ???? Follow the inventor of #BangEnergy: @BangEnergy.CEO #EnergyDrink #Ad

Antje is a former Playboy model who’s not afraid of nudity. However, she prefers to post photos of herself in her workout wear and often shares fitness videos. With a fan base of over 1.8 million, it’s obvious that her followers love the way that she has tried to reinvent herself.

In fact, this specific video is already causing a stir among her fans. Many of them showed their appreciation by posting various emoji on the clip. Others showered the blond bombshell with encouragement and let her know that she’s as hot as ever.

A particularly funny comment was from an Instagrammer who seemed to be recovering from a bout of amnesia.

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