Blackhawk Specialty Tools, an industry leader in deepwater cementing innovations, has developed the Hawkeye, a wireless top drive cement head that enhances speed, efficiency and safety in cementing operations.

Blackhawk Specialty Tools provides premium automated top drive cement heads and other related cementation products and services.

The Hawkeye, operates on a fully wireless automation system, eradicating the need of a hydraulic umbilical line and operating console. Its Quik-Lock connections allow for the fastest plug, dart and ball reloads in the industry, lowering the amount of rig floor downtime.

With an industry-exclusive, interchangeable cage design (6.625 maximum ID), the cement head also prevents the deformation of dart fins, alleviating fluid bypass and displacement volume discrepancies.

“We utilized the vast array of industry exclusive technologies available to create the Hawkeye,” said Jim Martens, chief operating officer for Blackhawk Specialty Tools. “Blackhawk will always refine what is considered the best and most versatile tool on the market in order to continually improve its safety, speed and efficiency.”

The Hawkeye is adaptable for essentially every primary cementing application and a has a maximum hook load of 2.25 million pounds, a maximum pump rate of 35 bpm through the top drive and a maximum operating distance of 650 feet. A radio signal filtering also blocks Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interference for increased reliability. A manual backup on all remote-operated features is also available ensuring a risk-free operation.

Fracturing Fluid

About Blackhawk Specialty Tools, LLC Blackhawk Specialty Tools, LLC is a leading supplier of engineered cementing solutions providing premium automated top drive cement heads and related equipment, cementation products and top-quality service to the oil and gas industry. Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Houston, Blackhawk operates in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, onshore U.S. and select international locations. Blackhawk’s specialty product development for the oil and gas industry helps companies save valuable rig time, operate in a safer manner, reduce derrick trips and enhance cementing operations. For more information, visit

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